Practice with the Hug, 4.1.2012

Lineouts and running line with the Hug:

Receiving a kick:

From a scrum:



4 Responses to Practice with the Hug, 4.1.2012

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  2. Lay Greenman says:

    Practice clips were very interesting..only problem according to the noise
    there were more coaches than players,however you seem to have the idea.
    also the clips of the Ffrench games were very enjoyable,I have always been
    a fan of Yachvilli who over an average is better than Wilkinson,
    I still cannot find the score of the Wildboars against Yizrael??Have a good week chaps,
    Your constant fan

  3. ellibag says:

    Hi Lay,
    Thanks for the input! we do have a tendency to talk a lot, partially because we have more players who have been playing for less than a year and a lot of 5 year old player feel they can teach them and partially because we’re a bunch of lazy pricks and telling people what to do is so much easier than running up and doing it.
    we’re working on it.

    I think you got a reply for your last post, anyway the score was 35:32 in favor of Yizre’el.

  4. Nir says:

    Why is Ofer always shouting at me?

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