First Practice!!! Finally!!!

19:30 We start practice at the Technion, near the Gym!!!!

Bring sneakers!!!!  This is a concrete, not grass

Beer after practice…

Rides in comments here, facebook and whatsup!

*if you have a smartphone ask Guy Mann to add you to the group for rides.

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11 Responses to First Practice!!! Finally!!!

  1. Ziv says:


    Same as last year, I’ll be able to attend practices only on Thursdays, because Mondays is my regular day at Eyal’s mom. Still, Guy – please add me to the rides group (0505753693, yes, I finally have a smartphone… )


  2. Itay says:

    Anyone coming from Zichron?

    • ellibag says:

      Sorry, have to be at a wedding… Nir can probably pick you up

      • Old Nir says:

        איתי אני אאסוף אותך. אני אומר לגיא להוסיף אותך לוואטסאפ של ההסעות. ויש גם את הפייסבוק
        דבר איתי בוואטסאפ
        ובכללי: אני מגיע מחדרה, עובר דרך זכרון
        יוצא ב18:30

  3. ZILA says:

    can’t make it today guys
    have fun!

  4. omri says:

    אם מישהו צריך טרמפ מהכניסה לטכניון יש לי מקום אחד על האופניים..

  5. Lior says:

    can’t make it also… need to get up very early tomorrow.

  6. Shimry says:

    יוצא לאימון מטבעון אם מישהו מעוניין

  7. Frenchie says:

    Guy please add me to whatsup. 0545721772

    I’m coming from Mercaz HaCarmel, if someone need ride form there.

    What is best to get there (sorry, never been in this part of Technion)?

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