Ofer is getting married

We will celebrate the event twice.

The second time will be at his wedding.

The first time will be on August 22nd.

Since I don’t want him meddling, please email me that you’re in the country that date, and therefore are indeed coming.

Any details will be given by mail.

Please reply ASAP so that we’ll be able to better prepare.


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5 Responses to Ofer is getting married

  1. ellibag says:

    I didn’t get a wedding invitation either, so don’t worry about it. you’re welcome to the stag party even if you’re not welcome at the wedding.
    to be honest, I’ll understand it if he’ll be too embarrassed to invite most of us.

    • Ido Barnoam says:

      I’m in.

      Both to the stag party and to embarrassing ofer at the wedding as well..

  2. Lior says:

    I’m in also of course.

  3. Old Nir says:


  4. qazxcv123 says:

    when is the sedding anyway?

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