Beach Rugby

Hey guys,

I’m organizing some beach rugby for guys (and girls) from my work…

Every Wednesday, starting tomorrow, at 17:30 at the south point of Hof HaStudentim.

Post-game beer is mandatory. Pre- and durnig- game beers are recommended.

Please comment below on rides and attendance.

See you all there.

Best photo from last year:


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8 Responses to Beach Rugby

  1. Ben says:

    Is that Gayer with the ball ? ?

    • ellibag says:

      Spent a few minutes trying to formulate a joke about this being a comment in the “rides” section involving Bens will to ride Gayer while trying to rationalize it by pretending Gayer looks like that, but I failed. So there it is.

  2. Nitai says:

    Hell no!!

    well… maybe if she’s coming

  3. Gary says:

    I am ever so slightly afraid of the girl in red, I will come only if you promise she won’t be there

  4. Itay says:

    Hopefully ill make it

  5. GUY says:

    elli whates you phone number? meybe ill come next week…

  6. ellibag says:


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