save the date!

on the 28.6 We will have our annual EOSP.

Location: pool side of tje mizra kibbuts

cost:50 per person and 80 for a couple (two guys are not a couple!)

hour 19:00

Its a bring your wife/girlfriend/boyfriend/ziv’s mom party, so bring them (in case of ziv’s mom, first come, first serve)

You can start bringing the money this thursday to practice.

Further details will follow

See you soon.

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3 Responses to save the date!

  1. Simon Filson says:

    Absolutely gutted a I will be home in sunny England for a friends wedding : (( enjoy though. Will be a great party as always!

  2. Ziv says:

    I’m in + 1.
    Too bad it just won’t be the same without Simon’s special cocktails…


  3. Gary says:

    small correction, in the case if Ziv’s mum, it’s first serve(d), first come…

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