After a very fun game Vs. Galil we meet for a practice…

19:45, Tiv’on…

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7 Responses to Practice!!!!

  1. Ziv says:

    Hi All,

    Sorry, but I won’t be at practice today, due to a family event.

    Have fun, and see you on Saturday at the national team match.

  2. shilo says:

    need a ride from ziv/technion 0526287338

  3. Tomer says:

    I am without a car today, need a ride from ziv/ technion 0545702767

  4. Itay says:

    Any riders from binyamina?

  5. Pavel says:

    also need a ride from Ziv 0527424454

  6. Frenchie says:

    haven t finished work yet.
    sorry, could not come today.


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