19:45 – practice today


Practice as always -19:45 we start running (and by we i mean you, because i cant run anywhere for 6 weeks…)

Nir is still in miluim, so if there someone else who can pick from Binyamina area that would be great.

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9 Responses to 19:45 – practice today

  1. ellibag says:

    Sorry guys, decided to cut myself with a hand saw… stitches.. won’t be playing for a couple weeks. have fun

  2. Dima says:

    looking for a ride to training today,from Ziv/technion
    dima 0548121259

  3. zila says:

    cant make it today
    have fun

  4. Tomer says:

    Leaving technion 18:50- 19:20 , depend when my lecture ends ….. If you want to join please text me. 0545702767

  5. Pavel says:

    לא יכול להגיע. קיבלתי מכה רצינית בחתונה

    • Old Nir says:

      איך מקבלים מכה רצינית בחתונה??? אתה חייב להסביר

  6. Nitai says:

    leaving ziv at 19:10. 2 more seats open…

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