Practice and purim!!!!

For those of you who didn’t RSVPed their attendance in the annual PURIM party please do so!!!!
There are a lot of club members who didn’t reply and none of the ladies!!!

Please contact your mates: Didi, Menachem, Nir, Beni, Gilbert, Shofty, Simon, Jonathan, Zohar, both Eyals, Tomer, Leon and the list goes on and on…

19:45, pratice at the pitch unless ido will state otherwise…
Stay tuned…

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4 Responses to Practice and purim!!!!

  1. Old Nir says:

    Anyone from the train?

  2. Ziv says:

    Sorry, can’t make it today.
    See you next week.


  3. Nitai says:

    Like Ziv… Can’t make it today… have a great practice and see you next week

  4. Simon Filson says:

    I am coming thursday. Sorry for my tardy reply. Thought me and jacque made our attendance clear straight after our loss last year

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