Practice and PURIM party!!!

Today, 19:45 as usual….

On Thursday the 28th we are having our annual PURIM party!!!!

THE FOLLOWING IS ALSO ADDRESSED TO THE LADY WILD BOARS!!!! And the kinder who are legal to drink.
As in every year, we need to know who’s comming…
You can email Ido or Nir or comment here…
Please state that you are coming and with whom, we need to get organized according to the number of people and we don’t have much time…

There will be a costume competition, games, drinks and drinks…
Please call your team mates and make sure they read this and confirmed their arrival.

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11 Responses to Practice and PURIM party!!!

  1. Old Nir says:

    Anyone from the train?

  2. ellibag says:

    Practice: still not fit to train, sorry.
    Party: coming + 1.

  3. Gary says:

    Party: coming +1

  4. GUY says:

    party: coming + 0

  5. Nitai says:

    party: coming
    practice: coming with a car. rides from ziv around 19:15

  6. Shimry says:

    Party: coming

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