PURIM party and practice!!!!!

Today practice as usual!


We don’t have much time left before purim so answer TODAY!!!! Tonight a decision will be made according to the results – don’t be your usual apathetic-self!!!!

If you got friends that aren’t reading this make sure to direct them here, TODAY!!!

You can answer in a comment if you like…

See you at practice.

NOTE: Party on Sat. night means a rough day at work or no work on Sun. (Sun. is PURIM)

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8 Responses to PURIM party and practice!!!!!

  1. zohar says:

    cant do both. got exams…
    ובאופן כללי אני בקושי מתמודד עם אחת בטח שאני לא אצליח עם 2

    • Old Nir says:

      זה מפתיע את כולם שיש לך אפילו אחת….
      תעשה כמוני: תציע נישואים לפני שהיא מתפכחת.

  2. ellibag says:

    Can’t make it today,
    See you all Thursday

  3. Old Nir says:

    Any train riders?

  4. Pavel says:

    need a ride from ziv

  5. Frenchie says:

    can do both 🙂
    Still injured so no training for me for the moment.

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