Fun practice today!!!

Today, Tiv’on, 19:45 we start running….

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9 Responses to Fun practice today!!!

  1. Ido Barnoam says:

    Hi guys.
    I have been sick for the past few days, Thats why i couldnt come for monday’s practice and why i cant come for today’s

    I’l probably be on next monday’s practice

  2. Ziv says:

    Hi All,

    Sorry, but I have some shit meeting-thingy regarding Reserve Duty today in the evening (If anyone reading it that wasn’t recruited yet – don’t be officers!). I won’t be able to be at practice today.

    See you next week,

  3. eli the girl says:

    Anyone planning to go late? Chen and i have a test at the technion till 20:00
    Thanx, eli

  4. leon says:

    מישהו מגיע ממרכז זיו?

  5. Pavel says:

    need a ride from Ziv

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