Game Vs. TLV tomorrow is ON!!!!

We are playing Tel-Aviv tomorrow at the Sportek (in Tel Aviv).

Meeting at the Sportek at 11:00. Rides commented here.

If we win this game, we might have a last minute chance for the playoffs!!!

If you can make it to the match – we need you!!!

Why the last minute changes? We were informed only this morning that we aren’t allowed to play on the pitch in Tiv’on as planned. We tried several pitches near by and as a last resort accepted TLV invitation to play at their home ground.

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8 Responses to Game Vs. TLV tomorrow is ON!!!!

  1. Old Nir says:

    Leaving Caesarea around 10:00. Got 4 seats

  2. leon says:

    מחפש טרמפ מהטכניון

  3. gilbert says:

    Can take from ziv/technion gate.
    3 plces maybe 4 but it’s a small car
    getting out around 09:45.
    Call me 052-7073834.

  4. Ziv says:

    Hi Everyone,

    I’m sorry, but the sudden change in the location of the game is a problem for me. I will not be able to make it to the game due to family obligations in the North.

    Good luck!

    • Lior says:

      Sorry but I also have a family event that prevent from me to be at the game in Tel Aviv.

      good luck

  5. Old Nir says:

    Got one place left (Taking Nitsan, Elli and Tai).
    Leaving at 10:15…

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