Practice today at the gym.


Since its rainy, practice today will be at the gym.

Bring sports shoes and not pkakim.

And for your next question, the game vs tel aviv is on.

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8 Responses to Practice today at the gym.

  1. Ziv says:

    Hi All,

    Need a ride from Binyamina (or another train station).


    • Ziv says:


      I have a problem with my cellphone. if anyone can pick me up from Binyamina, please let me know here, on the forum, on the next half an hour.


      • Old Nir says:

        I will pickup at the train station

      • Ziv says:

        great, thanks Nir!

        My phone is dead, so I’ll be at the bus station across the road (the usual place) around 7 – 7:05
        Please make sure Lior knows the time as well (again, my phone…).


  2. new nir says:

    Anyone coming from ziv/technion?

  3. Shimry says:

    cant come today

  4. Nitai says:

    so… I’m coming… 7:10 near leumi at Ziv center. text me if u need a lift

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