Practice, Stag party and Gayer…

Today we finish practice early to start with Gayer’s party on time.

This means that everyone are dressed on the pitch ready to run at 19:45 sharp!!!

We had a great practice on Mon. and are on the right track!

Look how sad Gayer looks… This was taken minutes after the proposal


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12 Responses to Practice, Stag party and Gayer…

  1. haifarugby1 says:

    I wanted to write “Gayer Stag Party” but that might have been misread….

  2. Ziv says:

    Hi All,

    Anyone can offer a ride from a train station?


  3. New Nir says:

    can anyone pickup from ziv/technion? and is anyone coming back to haifa after the pub?

  4. Simon Filson says:

    Absolute beauty! Out of work. Nothing to do tomorrow. Better finding my drinking boots

  5. Mike (Simons big bro) says:

    Can I please have a lift from zicharon?

  6. Pavel says:

    Need a ride from ziv 0527424454

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