Hanuka party and other stuff

Few things:

1.Practice today at 19:45 as usual.
but thats not the important thing

2.The game on Saturday VS TA is CANCELED due to the fact that allot of players are in reserve duty and we dont have enough men.
Thats more important, but still not the most important thing

3. HANUKA PARTY! Its on. 6/12 (Thursday) in the Chunta in the Technion. Get ready for it, and bring your pon-pons (I know yo have some!)

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8 Responses to Hanuka party and other stuff

  1. Margarita says:

    Do we have to sign up for the Party somewhere???

  2. Ziv says:


    Need a ride from Binyamina. Any Volunteers?


  3. Samo says:

    hey anyone from mercuz hacarmel?

  4. Old Nir says:

    Sorry guys but I can’t come today… Stuck at work…
    Two weeks and I’m back to my old useless lazy self!

    Will come to watch practice next week…

    • Old Nir says:

      And everyone should fucking show up to the annual Hanuka party!!!
      And bring friends!!!

      During the party there will be:
      Award winning games!
      A Hanuka show directed (and starred) by our coach
      Any ideas will be welcomed!!!!

  5. Ziv says:

    Well, if not from Binyamina, can anyone help with a ride from Hof HaCarmel?


  6. New Nir says:

    it’s a little late but i won’t be making it today; i’m sick

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