chleachtas sa lá atá inniu!!!

It means practice today in Irish.

This Sat. we have a big match against the Roosters… After we beat them we’ll be 3rd in the league with 2 Wins and 1 Lose, Let’s show up and do it!

Today, 19:45 we start running!!!

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13 Responses to chleachtas sa lá atá inniu!!!

  1. Old Nir says:

    Rides from Binyamina at 18:50…
    Who’s in?

  2. eyal says:

    looking for a ride from haifa. 0506440903

  3. Gary says:

    Leaving Matam/Hof Hakarmel at 19:00

  4. Itamar says:

    need a ride from technion/ziv 0542152108

  5. Tomer says:

    Need a ride from technion 0545702767

  6. Pavel says:

    Need a ride from check post/ ziv 0527424454

  7. beni says:

    Hey everyone, I can pick people up from the main gate (Technion) or ziv area around 19:10.
    send me SMS to 0506505928 if interested.

  8. Ido Barnoam says:

    Bring your memebership fee if you havn’t already! Seriously, we need it.

    This time a clip regarding passes.
    Something we worked about for a while in the past few trainings.

    Can also pick up from Ziv or Haifa.

  9. Frenchie says:

    coming today,

    If you need a ride, sms 0545721772


  10. eyal says:

    rides from ZIV center at 19:05

    call – 0544223894

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