Important practice

After the win on Saturday we got a tough game in two weeks where we can build a winning streak!

Though we beat Ashkelon we didn’t play as well as our rugby permits and that’s because we are missing men in practice.

Beating Ra’anana in two weeks sends us to the 3rd place in the league!

Let’s be prepared and F#$% those Roosters for that stinking win they stole from us in Wingate.

Today, Tiv’on, 19:45 we strt running…

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11 Responses to Important practice

  1. Samo says:

    hey anyone coming from hof hacarmel

  2. Ido Barnoam says:

    Hi all.
    Here is a nice basic video for all you new players out there, which talks about forward positions.

    The link also has other good videos which are practiclly a must if youre going to play.
    Thanks goes to Stav for the video.

    can pick up from Haifa

  3. Old Nir says:

    Not coming to practice today.
    Can’t yet drive nor walk…

    Will come Thursday.
    We got pictures on our facebook page from the match, THANKS TO JACQUES!!

  4. Leon says:

    need a ride from technion/ziv

  5. eyal says:

    Looking for a ride from haifa. 0506440903

  6. Tomer says:

    Need a ride from technion/ziv 0545702767

  7. ellibag says:

    anybody needs a ride from Binyamina?

  8. Frenchie says:

    Not sure I m coming today.
    Need to rest a little bit.

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