Last practice before the match Vs. Ashkelon

Hi all,

We need everybody to come to this practice. Saturday we have a rough match.

Answer the form in the link below so we’ll know who’s coming. Even if you cant come, answer it saying you cant.

Tiv’on, 19:45 we start running…

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20 Responses to Last practice before the match Vs. Ashkelon

  1. Tai says:

    need a ride from binyamina

  2. Samo says:

    also coming from beniyamina

  3. eyal says:

    need a ride from haifa please

  4. Ziv says:

    Finally coming to practice…
    Need a ride from Binyamina (or other train station)


  5. Old Nir says:

    I regret to say that I can’t come today due to work so no rides by me.
    Will see everyone on the pitch in Ashkelon.

  6. New Nir says:

    Does anyone have an old pair of size 45 cleats to lone me?

  7. Samo says:

    oh no old nir i usually the man with the plan from binyamina
    anyone else coming from binyamina train station

  8. Leon says:

    מחפש טרמפ מהטכניון/ זיו

  9. Jon H. says:

    I need a ride also from Lev Hamifratz or there abouts.


  10. ellibag says:

    Sorry to say that I’m still “down with the sickness” (strep throat).
    Hope to see you all on Sat.
    That means I can’t offer rides from Binyamina either..

    • nitsan says:

      זיו תאי וסמו אני יאסוף אותכם מבנימינה. ניצן 0549732167

  11. Frenchie says:

    Hi mates,

    I think I take with me Leon, Eyal Pavel and Jonathan.

    Please Guys, confirm me by sms 0545721772.


  12. Tai says:

    Samo, Ziv and all the guys from binyamina, 18:50 ill pick you up and we ride with Gary.
    but know that we need to leave tivon on 21:45

  13. lior says:

    מצטער אבל גם אני לא יכול להגיע היום עקב עבודה.
    כמובן שאגיע בשבת

  14. Ido Barnoam says:

    Can also pick up people from Haifa if someone still needs a ride

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