Practice today

Hi all

As usual, practice today atarts at 19:45 with a warmup.

Bring  your membership fee!

See you there

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6 Responses to Practice today

  1. Tai says:

    as usual, need a ride from binyamina
    thanks. Tai

    • Old Nir says:

      as usual, I will pick you up
      18:50 as usual
      In the usual place – Binyamina’s train station
      This is an unusually annoying comment
      Though I usually comment annoyingly…

      • Samo says:

        old nir any room in the car for another? Im coming from tel aviv but can get to binyamina
        what time and where would i need to be if you have space

      • Old Nir says:

        Hi Samo,
        Take the train that arrives at 18:50 to Binyamina.
        In Binyamina across the street from the station I will be waiting in the bus station.
        0549149109 if you need.

  2. Tomer says:

    I am Back from injury , Can give a ride today from technion/ ziv in 19:15 0545702767

  3. Totally broken Frenchie says:

    No training for me today. Lower back really painfull after saturday games (really enjoyed there).
    Hope it will be better for thursday training.


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