Practice, 19:45, Tiv’on

Shimry posted another 2 good sites to watch rugby matches:

19:45 we start running…

Any rides?

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9 Responses to Practice, 19:45, Tiv’on

  1. ellibag says:

    from zichron. any takers?

  2. pavll says:

    need a ride from ziv / yad lebanim 0527424454

  3. eyal says:

    Need ride from haifa 05064400903

  4. Itamar says:

    need a ride from rehovot/tel aviv/binyamina/haifa in that order of preference 0542152108

    • ellibag says:

      Hi Itamar.
      Please be at the Binyamina train station at 18:50, I’ll pick you up.
      Let me know if the train is late please.
      Elli: 0545945540.

  5. Frenchie says:

    As usual, I leave Mercaz HaCarmel at 19:00
    Can pick from Ziv if needed.

  6. Shimry says:

    Need a ride back to haifa.

  7. mikha says:

    אני גם צריך טרמפ מיד לבנים 0547832338

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