Medical checks and practice today

Hi all.

First of all Practice as usual today. 19:45 we start running. Rides should be listed below.

Next week the 30/8 on 19:30 (yes, on practice), we will have medical checks on the training grounds in Tivon. Its important to be there, so dont miss it.

Dont forget to bring membership fees, like we talked about.

If you were not registered last season, also bring a passport photo and a copy of your ID, If your’e not sure if you were registered last season, also bring them.
For any other questions, contact me.


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8 Responses to Medical checks and practice today

  1. Nir says:

    18:50 leaving Binyamina… Who’s coming with me?

    Call your teammates….

  2. pavll says:

    need a ride from yad lebanim / ziv

  3. Ido Barnoam says:

    I cant offer rides today from Haifa area. Wont be able to come coz of wedding.
    Someone has to take care of all that alcohol for you…

  4. eyal says:

    i cant come either today, sorry

  5. Shimry says:

    I can offer rides from ziv area.
    Shimry 052-8700153

  6. Jacques says:

    Ride from Mercaz Hacarmel.

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