Beach Rugby this Friday

Hi all.

We are going to have ourselves some Rugbeach this Friday.

The game will be on the Haifa beach (Students beach- חוף הסטודנטים) starting at 16:00

We need around 5-8 people to come and help us set up everything. So please contact me and tell me if youre coming.

Things to bring:

1.bottle of water
3. Beer or money for beer- this is a “bring your own beer” event
4.if you have shades (שמשיות) and beach mats (מחצלות) please bring them also.
5.Rugby spirit!


See you there!

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4 Responses to Beach Rugby this Friday

  1. Shimry says:

    אני לא אגיע, במסיבת רווקים.
    ז’אק- תצלם הרבה

    • Nir says:

      Shimry, still stripping to pay for school???

      I’ll be there, finishing school late. Will be there at about 15:30…

  2. haifarugby1 says:

    This is a club event! Everyone should come!!!
    We’re gonna have some games to dust off the PAGRA…

    It’s a fun practice before practices start…

  3. Nitai says:

    coming… but straight from work so I can’t come early and help with the set-up

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