Looking for an embedded programmer

My company (www.natix.co.il) is looking for an embedded software programmer.


  • Good people
  • CS Graduate (Technion is an advantage)
  • Experience in embedded programming. C, C++
  • Reliable

About the company: A small out-sourcing company specializing in embedded systems, bsp and communication. We only work in-house, not sending workers to sit at the clients. Great place to work. The office is in Or-Akiva.

Send details to nirbaror@gmail.com

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3 Responses to Looking for an embedded programmer

  1. ellibag says:

    why are you writing this as a post in the Haifa Rugby website??

    • Nir says:

      If someone on the team is looking for a job or can recommend on someone he knows

      • Nir says:

        Being a part of a rugby club isn’t only about praticing and playing together.
        It’s also about helping each other whenever optional, you of all people knows that.

        I trust the guys on the team and if one of them is suitable or can recommend someone that he trust then it is fine by me.

        We don’t get a bonus for bringing friends…

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