All the team’s photos from then until now!!!!

We’ve uploaded all (most) of the team’s photos and clips to a cloud storage and they are available for your viewing…

Nearly 7 Giga of photos!!!!

Whoever wants access please say here (or email me to and state your email address and I will send you a link to the installation.

We are constantly adding more and more photos!!!

You can find photos from all the games last season, EOSP, purim party, Hanuka party, Erfurt, 7’s tournaments and more…


Write here or email me!!!

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9 Responses to All the team’s photos from then until now!!!!

  1. Nir says:

    Ido, Shimry, & Frenchie already installed!!!
    Gary, Shaki, Dwayn & Nitay already got their invitations…

  2. Ofer says:

    me to !

  3. nitsan says:

    Me to..

  4. Nir says:

    You can do whatever you like with the volume…
    Think of it as a read-only hard drive…
    Post pictures on facebook, view, copy and do whatever you want…

    If any of your friends/family wants access to the pictures just send me their mail and they will get an invitation…

    If you got any photos of the team, let me know and I’ll make it so you could upload them to the drive….

  5. Ziv says:

    Hi Nir,

    I’d like access too (didn’t get the invitation you said you sent me).


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