The start of the 12-13 season!

Hi all.

Since everybody wants to hear some news and updates, here is everything you need to know regarding the new season:

1.Official Practices will start on the 13.8.12 (3 weeks from now) in the Tivon pitch. Same time as always (19:45 warmup, 20:00 begining). Days of practice will be Monday and  Thursday(חמישי). This is not like last season!

2.We will have one or two beach rugby events before the begining of the official practices. These will take place on the haifa beach. Further details will follow.

3. As of this moment, the schedule which is published on the site (under Calendar in the tabs above) is the official schedule. If there will be any changes to it, we will update everyone

4.Training camp for the moment will take place around the middle of september. Further details regarding this will also follow.

5.Medical checkups will take place sometime in August. It will also be in the same format as last season. Meaning free if you do it through technion, or you can do it by yourself somewhere else. Further details will also follow

We want to wish good luck for Gilbert for taking the role the Women team coach, and  Michael for taking the role of women manager.

We also want to welcome back Menachem  and help him get over his long and hard time in Australia while watching the RWC. With enough whiskey, we might pull it off.

If you have anymore questions KEEP THEM FOR YOURSELF AND STOP TEXTING ME. You can bug Nir and Ofer as well.


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One Response to The start of the 12-13 season!

  1. lior says:

    אחלה לו”ז, רק עדכנו בזמן.
    ודבר נוסף, אנא ארגנו את מחנה האימונים כך שיערך לפני ה- 15.9

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