Happy Birthday To Eyal Koren!!!!

Also known as YOODALE…

Best wishes, mate!!! How’s your belly???

Eyal’s Swan Dive

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5 Responses to Happy Birthday To Eyal Koren!!!!

  1. Nir says:

    מזל טוב יודה’לה!!!
    תודה על העזרה והארגון בגרמניה! יש לי עדיין סיוטים עלייך עם הפנקס צועק עלי

  2. Ido Barnoam says:

    Happy birthday!

    This try still cracks me up!!
    Probably the only known time that a player has to be substituted because of a try he scored.

    • ellibag says:

      Oh, no – Haifa has a good history of that: There’s forgot-his-name (russian guy, lean, light hair…) who dislocated a shoulder scoring a try a few years ago, and even Adrian, who we exported has dislocated a shoulder scoring for the national team in the last game.
      Eyal joins Haifa’s finest.

  3. ofer says:

    but what a try !!!

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