Campeone, Campeone O-LE O-LE O-LE

We are Back from the Erfurt Tournament victourious!

After beating both German teams of Erfurt and Mainz, we won the cup.

We also had a great time and would like to thank Sascha and the Oaks for an amazing hospitality and for all their help.

This was only the first of many future tours to come, and we would love to host the Oaks here in Haifa in the future.

Photos from the tour can be seen in our facebook page, and here.

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One Response to Campeone, Campeone O-LE O-LE O-LE

  1. haifarugby1 says:

    Just so you know: The guys are with their mouths open cause the are yelling “Wild Boars”…

    It looks very stupid though…. And quite funny…

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