Wild Boars and the media…

Hi All,
A small article about our trip to Erfurt has been published on a local web site:
כתבה שהתפרסמה עלינו באתר חיפאי מקומי:

We need you to log in to your facebooks and recommend this article, share it on your timeline and with your friends, comment on the website and anything else that will publish and create as much traffic as possible so we will be noticed in Haifa.

Don’t forget – today at 18:00 we have a camera crew from channel 3 coming to film our practice.

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8 Responses to Wild Boars and the media…

  1. Omri says:

    I need a ride
    Omri 050-3203337

  2. Tomer says:

    Neeed a ride from technion as well ,0545702767

  3. ellibag says:

    I’ll be coming from MATAM, won’t be coming back to Haifa, though. If you want – please let me know and I’ll pick you up from Hof HaCarmel station at 17:30.

  4. eyal says:

    who ever rides with eli can come back with me to haifa , just let me know in advance
    U CAN REACH ME AT 0544223894

  5. Josh says:

    is anyone picking up from the technion/ziv area?

  6. Omri says:

    me and tomer are leaving the technion at 17:15 toward eyal (electric company). so there are 2 free seats. leave here a massege or call me 050-3203337

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