Watch the video and answer the question below

Comment below to answer:
What was the reason for the yellow card?

No cheating.
Gilbert, Jaque, Simon: Knowing French IS cheating. Expect punishment.

The correct answer can be found here:

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3 Responses to Education

  1. Ziv says:

    There was a ruck, during which he came from the wrong side to take the ball? Iactuaqlly though at the beginning that he was an offense player…

  2. Ido Barnoam says:

    Agree with ziv.
    It took me a while to understand why Toulouse are attacking their own try line…

  3. Jacques says:

    the Referee said:
    “Y’a un ruck, vous faites pas le tour pour revenir a la zone de plaquage pour jouer le ballon dehors. On attend. Carton jaune. Pénalité plus carton.”

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