filming our practice

Hi all

on Sunday at 18:00 a telveision crew will come over to film our practice.
This is a great opportunity to promote the team, and rugby in Israel.
In order to do so we need to show that the rugby in Haifa is alive.

We need around 10 more people who’s not flying to Germany to come over for practice on Sunday for the last training session of the season.

We know that the hour is not comfortable and that you have other obligations and commitments but we ask personally from each one who sees himself as part of the team to make an effort. Even those who hasn’t been in practice for a while.

You dont have to stay for the entire practice, or even do a full workout, just show up and be noticed.
We need around 10 people extra, so if more people will volunteer, we might not even need everybody.

This is an opportunity to put Haifa’s rugby in the spotlight. It could get us more players, and more funds. Lets not waste it.

We need your answers today!!!! Tomorrow morning we need to call them and confirm our readiness.


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22 Responses to filming our practice

  1. eyal says:


  2. ellibag says:

    Where will the practice take place?

  3. Nir says:

    Players who fly to Germany must also confirm their attendance here.
    The practice will in Zichron, at a public park in HALOMOT ZICHRON.
    This apply to new as well as veteran players!!!
    צוות צילום מגיע לצלם אימון של הקבוצה. האימון יהיה בזכרון (חלומות זכרון) ביום ראשון הקרוב בשעה 18:00
    צריכים שחקנים שיגיעו למלא את האימון

  4. Ziv says:

    I’ll be there.


  5. Nitsan says:


  6. Omri says:

    i’ll be there

  7. Shimry says:


    these players will drink at their EOSP..

  8. Nitai says:

    I’ll be there.

  9. ellibag says:

    work-load permitting..

  10. Lior says:

    i’ll be there also

  11. tomer says:

    i’ll be there as well ….can somone offer a ride from technion?

  12. Ziv says:

    Need help with a ride from Binyamina.

    Ziv 0505753693

  13. Josh says:

    i’ll be there, if someone can give me a ride from technion

  14. ellibag says:

    I’ll be coming from MATAM, won’t be coming back to Haifa, though. If you want – please let me know and I’ll pick you up from Hof HaCarmel station at 17:30.

  15. Jacques says:

    I can take some players from Horev or Mercaz HaCarmel

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