EOSP is near, time to confess your (teamates’) wrong doing…

At the end of every season, finally comes the reason why we take all that crap from Ofer…

End Of Season Party!

For those who are new to the tradition, players are sentenced for their wrong doings during the season.

Though we kept a close record about some things happening during the season, this is the point where players get the chance to confess about their sins and maybe get the judge do go easy on them.

As for I know you chicken shits won’t confess anything, this is also the opportunity to sell out your friends and see them pay for what they did!!!

Selling out your teammates won’t be held against you, on the contrary, we welcome such behaviour!!! (only for the EOSP or if it is really funny…)


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4 Responses to EOSP is near, time to confess your (teamates’) wrong doing…

  1. haifarugby1 says:

    Sins should be emailed to
    Ido: idobarnoam@gmail.com
    Nir: barornir@gmail.com

    More details (time, place, etc.) will follow…

    Any person involved with the club since the dawn of time till the date of the party is invited and can bring a chaperone (even if that person is no longer taking part in the club). No outsiders, beside chaperones, are allowed.

  2. Nir says:

    Here are some to get you started:
    – Shaki proposing to Ido’s future wife
    – Simon getting into a fight on his first ever rugby match as an israeli player
    – Eyal Korn’s try on the 5 meter line (he was on his own)

    Take it from here…

  3. eyal says:

    can we invite the referee from the last game vs. Rannana and make him confess his sins as well?! 😀

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