Hi all.

Since the 15 league is almost over, we want to concentrate on the sevens league. Since the upcoming game in the sevens league is toughly around the beginning of may, for the time being we will only practice once a week, on Wednesdays.

This means that the practice tomorrow is cnaceled, but the one on wednsday is  on!

Bear in mind that we have the game VS Ashkelon (the one we postponed) and the union might organize another friendly at the end of the month. As soon as we have more info regarding both games we will let everybody know.

I remind you of the party this Thursday. If you want to come with a car send me the car’s model and number + the driver’s name and phone until Wednesday.


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3 Responses to Practices

  1. shimry says:

    There is a sevens tournament in Yizrael on the 31/3

  2. haifarugby1 says:

    This is why we keep on with practices, there are two more 7’s tournaments that we practice for.

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