Purim Party Post

As you all know we have our Purim party next week. Here are some details regarding it:

The party will be at the Chunta pub at the technion on Thursday (8/3/12), starting 8:30 (if someone doesn’t know where it is located, mail me).

The deal is 5o shekels per person (please bring the money in cash), but this time we get a whole lot of alcohol (2 halves+chaser or 2 glasses of wine+chaser/kava for the pre paid girls you bring) and some snacks (chips/onion rings). So eat first and then come over to wash it all down.

ITS A COSTUME PARTY! you either have a choice to come dressed up or suffer public humiliation (we’ll make it happen.). There will be a costume contest. Rugby player is not a costume. Injured Rugby player is also not a costume. Everything else goes.

For car entrance send me the car’s model  and number+driver’s name and phone. Do it by Wednesday.

See you there

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