Pracrice today and some more stuff

Practice today will be at 19:45 at the gym in Tivon (location here). Bring regular sports shoes and not “pkakim”.

Depending on the weather, the game on Saturday might be in Kiryat Bialik again. So bear that in mind.

Besides that i remind everyone that we have our Purim party next week. People without costumes, will be punished!


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4 Responses to Pracrice today and some more stuff

  1. ziv says:


    need a ride from the train. (Binyamina is better),
    or from the center, if there is such option.

    and back, as quickly as possible after practice.

    Ziv 0505-753693

  2. Tomer says:

    Need a ride from technion 0545702767

  3. Nir says:

    Coming from a test in Netanya so I can pick-up from the train in Binyamina but it will take me a while to get there. I think the test ends at 19:00.
    Ziv, I can pick and drop you off.

    Not available until the end of the test and won’t be able to check here afterwards so text me!0549149109

    I’m the only one coming from the area I think…

    • ziv says:

      Nir’s mom told me that his test ends in 18:00, so he can be on time in Binyamina (18:55), for anyone that needs a ride from there.


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