Cup Semi final

We Won!

Now its official. We won fair and square. The appeal we submitted was accepted, and the final result is 31-29 to haifa, after one hell of a game and a winning penalty kick from half court!

Haifa wants to thank all the sides that took part in the appeal, and thank Jonathan for a refereeing a very hard game, in a great manner.

This means that we have a game on Saturday! The game will be hosted by us and will be played VS Tel Aviv.

Tel Aviv is having a bad time right now, and this means we can come and have a great chance at taking the match!

See you tomorrow!

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4 Responses to Cup Semi final

  1. Nir says:

    I am dancing in my sit..

    Shimry, I bet Ashkelon will try to buy your contract now… You could’ve brought them the championship…

    We’ll take no less then half-a-nickle… You are our Leigh…

  2. shimry says:

    It’s half-a-shekel…

    Did anyone see Dani “I want the game to be in Kiryat Bialik” Fridrich on saturday?
    Maybe it was to early in the morrning for him.

    Sorry, but I can’t make it tomorrow.

    • Gary says:


      Buy a one-way ticket to Erfurt, we are selling you to Ze Germans so we will have enough beer money…

  3. El Presidente says:

    Congratulation Boars!
    Good to hear the good news.
    Sorry I missed it – was at the “Super Rugby”” game – Waratahs against the Reds!

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