Game on Saturday in Kiryat Bialik!!!!

The game is on for Saturday (not Friday as previously mentioned) in Kiryat Bialik (not Tiv’on).

10:30 – Arriving and setting up the pitch
12:00 Kick-off

After the game we want to watch England Vs. Wales somewhere together.

Let’s go all out on Saturday and sit down to watch the six nations with a smile…

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9 Responses to Game on Saturday in Kiryat Bialik!!!!

  1. Nir says:

    Anyone wants to watch the 6 nations match/es after our game?

    We can watch in a pub in Haifa (maybe even in David’s place) or somewhere else

    Gareth the 3rd and I plan on watching…

    15:30 – Ireland Vs. The Azzurri (Italy)
    18:00 – England Vs. The sheep shager’z (Wales)

    Who’s in?

  2. Ziv says:


    I’m in for the match, and will be watch the 6 nations game afterwards.


  3. Simon Filson says:

    Very excited! About the game… Not by the 6nations

    • Nir says:

      Cause you’re affraid you’re gonna get your ass kicked by Wales and you know that Gary will ride it as if it was his non-mouse-holding hand on a friday night when everybody is asleep.

  4. shimry says:

    When & who can give a ride to the game?
    Please let me know if you’re coming from ziv/technion/remez.
    Thanks, Shimry 052-8700153

  5. Nitai says:

    I’m planning on leaving the technion at around 10:00. However, since my car is in a: engine-still-works-anything-else-is-broken-or-attached-by-superglue state, I have only 2 openable doors (thankfully, one of them is the driver’s…) so I can either offer one place or join someone else with 4 fully-functioning car doors from the technion.

    let me know if u need a place or can offer one for me and our uniforms from the technion/ziv.
    Nitai, 0547560161

  6. Ziv says:

    I will need also a ride from Ziv/Technion.

    Ziv, 0505753693

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