Poorim party on the 8/3

Hi all.

As you know we have a poorim party on the 8/3 (Thursday night). We need to know how many people are coming, so fill in this 2 seconds form as fast as you can.

The party will be at the Chunta pub (same place as last time), and you can bring wives,girlfreinds, dates or girls you paid for to come with you.

Its gonn’a be a costume party, and evrybody has to have one!
People without one will be punished.

For car entrence, please send me you car number as you did before, so we could handle that.


Poorim party form



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2 Responses to Poorim party on the 8/3

  1. Ben says:

    Maybe instead of concentrating on this stupid party we can focus on coming to practice this coming week and playing well against Raanana??? The last week was very very pathetic, let’s try to pick things up.

    • Nir says:

      This stupid party, among other things, requires a lot of attention and because everyone chipped in to help then Ido had to work his ass off for it.

      Don’t under estimate the effort invested in that party as well as in the attempt to bring people to practice, arrange viewing of 6 nations matches and others… All of these in the attempt to create a proper rugby club.

      Instead of bitching around, have you picked up a phone to one of your teammates and asked him to come to practice? Did you ask that guy to do the same?

      I know you showed up to practices but let’s bring others with us… To practices and parties…

      We let you dress up as doctor in the party and, depending on the amount of beer I will consume, we might play doctor patient…

      See you Monday,
      and drag goldilocks with you.

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