Practice as usuall

FYI: Tel-Aviv lost to Ashkelon and Yizrael beat Ra’anana so the league final is Yizrael Vs. Ashkelon at Yizrael.

POORIM: party is on the 8.3 we need to know how’s coming. Plans are to be made so the numbers are crucial…

Germany: If all will go as planned we will book tickets this weekend to ensure the low rates. Please inform if you are in or not (unless you already sent a mail to Nir.)

6 Nations: Was fun watching the game at David’s place. Cold beer and great empanadas!!!

Today, Tiv’on, 19:45 we start running…

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One Response to Practice as usuall

  1. mor says:

    i need a ride from the technion/ziv
    mor 0528782526

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