Today’s practice and ‘zee germans!!!

Hi All,

Practice today is on in any case, we will have it in the gym in Tiv’on – so bring sneakers too!

About Erfurt, THE FLIGHT IS ON!!!

There are two options:
1) Thursday till Monday – 14-18.6(not working on Thursday, at work on Monday). [The preferred option]
2) Friday till Monday – 15-18.6 (at work on Monday).

Everyone are invited!!!

We want to reserve tickets (to get a low price) so we need to know how many people are coming so, I ask of everyone (even those that confirmed) to send me a private mail stating if they are coming and which options are OK by them.
If you can’t commit but want to join – say it.
My email:

Estimated cost:
– Flight to Munich: ~400$
– Train to Erfurt: ~100Euro
– Accomodation: Free (we are hosted in a hostel).

For anyone who doesn’t know ‘zee germans:

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8 Responses to Today’s practice and ‘zee germans!!!

  1. gilbert says:

    Is it june or march?

  2. ziv says:

    Sorry, I can’t be at practice today, I need to be at a friend’s funar…oops, I meant to say “Wedding”!

    and Ido – I hope the dates are wrong, and you meant June, right?


  3. haifarugby1 says:

    Yeah, June!!!!!

  4. Ido Barnoam says:

    Yes. Its in June. The days and dates are correct though.

    Practice today will be in the gym. The map for the location is attached.,35.121081&hl=iw&num=1&vpsrc=0&t=m&z=16

  5. mor says:


    need a ride from the technion

    mor 0528782526

  6. eyal says:


  7. Josh says:

    hey, i’m just looking at flights that i might book, and someone said last night that we were flying into prague, but from here it says munich. so if someone can tell me where the flights are to that would be great!

    • ellibag says:

      We’re landing in Prague on THU 14/06/2012 at 09:15.
      Spending the first night in Prague in a hostel.
      On the morning getting the rented cars and driving to Erfurt. We have 15 beds reserved for us (free of charge) in the city.
      The tournament itself is some drive away.
      We have free access to public transportation in Erfurt during our stay and should have some meals, but we’re not really counting on that. Insurance is also payed for.
      Flying back SUN 17/06/2012 at 23:55 (from Prague).
      No games on Thursday or Sunday.

      Below is the plan as we received from officials.

      the plan as by date is:
      – friday: arrival of the teams, captains meeting in our sponsorpub and later captains dinner (you are invited, food and first beer is free) and later free teamevening. you are free to choose between pub or festival in the city center.
      – saturday: breakfirst in the hostel, 10:00 am start with a teammixed training session led by the captains and trainers, tournament starts at 12:00 noon, 4 teams playing each other, we will fill your team up if you want to, 16:00 match between LILLE U 21 and GERMAN U21 or we will have to make this on sunday – depends on the German Rugby Bord desicion!
      – parallel on saturday beside the pitch we will organise a family outdoor party (music, food&drinks, playgrounds) so we will attract some spectators and after the matches the teams will party until 20:00/8pm beside the pitch, then the teams will drive into the city center to party in a small but great club or if the teams want we use the second day of the festival in the city center to party outside in the summerweather.
      – sunday: free teambreakfirst at 10:00 am in the sponsorpub, later freetime to make sightseeing…… up to you!

      please contact Ido ( for any additional details.

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