Game VS Ashkelon

Hi all.

We have a game VS Ashkelon  tomrrow(28/1/12).

Kick off will be in 12:45. Meeting in the pitch on 11:30. If you need help getting to the pitch, contact me (and not on 23:45).

Since we are getting the pitch around 12:15, we will only be able to mark it starting that hour. We dont have allot of time to do so. This means we will have to get dressed and do warmup before we mark the field. So be there at 11:30, not later.

Attached is an attendnce form, Fill it up so we’ll know ho’s coming.

Attendence form

See you there.

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7 Responses to Game VS Ashkelon

  1. gilbert says:

    Is it at tivon or bialik?

  2. Lasha says:

    Boars, Bit the fucking Ashkelon bitches…..GOOD LUCK

  3. Simon Filson says:

    I don’t know lasha but I like him. Let’s do them saturday. No prisoners

  4. jochi says:

    Come on you Boars!

  5. שוני says:

    צריך הסעה מהצק פוסט אם מישהו יכול שידבר איתי

  6. shimry says:

    need shoes (not ballet- real rugby ones) size 44-45.
    if someone have, please bring’em to the game.
    also- can offer a ride from remez/ziv/technion.

    shimry – 052-8700153

  7. שוני says:

    המשחק מתקיים בסוף?
    באתר פירסמו שביטלו

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