Sevens tournament in Erfurt

Hi all.

First of all, The practice tomorrow will start on 19:30 and not on 19:45 as usual.

Second, we have been invited to a sevens tournament in Haifa’s twin city, Erfurt, in Germany. The Erfurt Oaks have invited us To a special festival which will take  place between friday the 15.6 t’ill the Sunday the 17.6. On Saturday there will be a sevens tournament, and we are invited.

The oaks have agreed to help us with accommodations in hostels near by, so travel expenses will only include flight and living.

I know it is a long time from now, but i need you to check your diaries for exams, events etc and tell me if your interested on joining. Please let me know as fast as you can, since this kind of thing needs a while to organize.

See you tomorrow.

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11 Responses to Sevens tournament in Erfurt

  1. Nir says:

    Fuc& yeah!!!!!!!!

    I AM IN!!!!!

  2. Ben Shofty says:

    It’s a really nice place…I have a good friend there who owns a pub, he’ll be happy to take good care of those that will be going.
    take a look

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  4. ziv says:

    I am in.


  5. eyal says:

    I AM IN (if wifelets me….)

  6. Nimrod Kaplan says:

    I am in!

  7. chen says:

    if the shoulder will be fixxed till then im in!

  8. shimry says:

    i’m innnn!!

  9. lior says:

    me too, of course!!!!

  10. Gary says:

    In, but wondering if there will be a mysterious liquidation in Germany while Lior is there….

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