Due to rains, the pitch is flooded.

The practice that was supposed to be today is canceled.

So seat back at home with the Mrs. , Girlfriend or ziv’s and nir’s moms.


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6 Responses to 19:45 PRACTICE is CANCELED!!

  1. nitsan says:

    מישהו יכול לאסוף אותי מהצק פוסט ?


  2. ellibag says:

    …and a clip of the day, in the spirit of “shut the fuck up and play”

    • Nir says:


      We need some refs like that!
      This obviously means that I will be banned from most of our games but I will adopt…

      • ellibag says:

        Are you sure? i mean, have you discussed it with Inbal?
        I think it’s a great thing you’re doing! really noble and selfless!
        Are you sure you’re doing it for the right it for the right reasons, though?
        I mean, Inbal is bound to put out eventually, I’m sure you can still father children of your own, don’t despair. If push comes to shove you can always sneak one in while she’s sleeping on the side, ask Gary for tips, he managed twice, or so Tami claims…

    • ziv says:

      I liked the “this is not soccer” part.

      • Gary says:

        Tami claims that I have sneaked one in, twice, while Inbal was sleeping? True, but in my defence Inbal talks in her sleep, which can be easily misconstrued as being awake.

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