Hi guys.

As you know, these upcoming two weekends will be dedicated for the sevens tournament.

The first one (this weekend) will be played in Tel Aviv. The next one will be played in Or Ha-ner (Ashkelon).

The tournamnet will be played in the form of two houses (listed below). Also attached is the first phase list of games.

At the begining of the season there was another tournament which the teams had the chance to win some more points. the score is as follows:
Yizrael – 8
T.A – 6
Ra’anana – 4
Jerusalem – 3
Haifa – 1
Ashkelon – 1

last year Haifa came in third out of 8 other teams in the sevens tournament. This year we have a wider “bench” and we want  everyone to take part in this. So now is the time to work hard and earn the right to be on the team.

See you tomorrow.


Sevens group:

Group 1:                                            Group 2:
Yizrael                                                Haifa
Ra’anana                                            T.A
Ashkelon                                            Jerusalem

לוז ליגת שביעיות מחזור ראשון

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2 Responses to Sevens

  1. SHAKI says:

    I’m flying tomorrow morning to snowboard in france, gonna miss the first weekend…
    good luck! give everything you got!!

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