Game VS Yizrael

Hi all.

The Game will be played in Tivon Tomorrow (30.12) and not as scheduled at first.

Kick off at 12:00.

Meeting at 10:45 to help set up the pitch and for warm up.

for Rides contact me or your local helper.


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4 Responses to Game VS Yizrael

  1. שוני says:

    מישהו יכול להסוף אותי מלב המפרץ?

  2. zohar says:

    אני ולאון והמדים למשחק מחפשים הסעה מהטכניון מחר בבוקר
    זוהר 0528228242

  3. omri says:

    I need a ride from the technion. 0503203337 omri

  4. Jacques says:

    The pics are in Facebook..

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