Today, 19:45, Tiv’on & Brian O’Driscoll

Big practice today before our match on Friday!

Here is the veteran irish to show us how to think outside the box:

Amazing pick-up:

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8 Responses to Today, 19:45, Tiv’on & Brian O’Driscoll

  1. ziv says:

    Any one goes throw one of the train stations?


    • Nir says:

      Coming from school, leaving Natanya at ~19:00
      Ziv, I can go through Natanya’s train station but only at 19:00

      Rita, is you read this. I can pick you up from Olga’s interchange. Will be there at about 19:30. Text me if you need a ride.

  2. ziv says:

    Anyone else going earlier threw a train station?


    • Nir says:

      Leaving internet connection, only SMS from now till practice…
      Ziv, if you want me to pick you up then text me…

  3. omri says:

    I need a ride from the technion/ziv.
    leave a massege here or call me (050-3203337)
    Thanks Omri

  4. שוני says:

    צריך הסעה מלב המפרץ, תתקשרו אליי:0545703331

  5. shimry says:

    יוצא מהטכניון לאימון עם אוטו.
    מי שצריך טרמפ – 052-8700153

  6. Tomer says:

    שכחתי את הנעלי טבע נאות שלי באימון היום בספסלים היום ,מישהו מצא ?

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