Good game today after all…

Hi guys, we had a good one today, which hurts even more!

Good stuff:

  • Lineouts both in offense and defense.
  • Rucks in offense were solid with no silly picks – Forwards were there to support.
  • Backs (Leon and the gang) performed well! Timing improved and the backs are looking more united and strong than ever.
  • After a messy start we set up right in defense, straight line and tackles.
  • A lot of players got their game on straight! Picking a starting lineup is getting more difficult…

Things to improve:

  • We went a bit backwards in the scrums and balls got stuck inside
  • We dove over the ball in defensive rucks.
  • No enough balls to the line in the second half
  • Kicking out – not going out
  • Silly penalties and two yellow cards

I pray every day we meet the fu&ers in the cup…
see you monday,
(comment your thoughts)

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5 Responses to Good game today after all…

  1. Lay Greenman says:

    Rugby is a game not a war as depicted in your video
    Teams that go to war never win!!
    The ethics of good rugby is sportsmanship win or lose nothing can spoil a game
    more than a kill attitude.
    Play the game chaps not the Man!!!
    Ex player(flank) Heilbron Orange Free state 2nd team
    last game played 55 years ago we lost 56-9 against Sasolburg.
    After the final whistle we hosted Sasol at the pub in Commercial hotel
    Heilbron and the beer and the company was great and we thanked the Sasol team for being so generous and giving us a present of 9points
    Lay Greenman
    Kibbutz Degania bet

    • Nir says:

      Hi Lay,

      Thank you for tracking our site.
      Please don’t confuse pre-game hype to harmfull intentions.

      I can promise you that after each game we host the opposing team for beers and a ceremony for best/worst players on our expense.

      You are more than welcome to come and watch for yourself. We have a match this Friday at 12:00 against Kibutz Izra’el and many others, all published here on our site.

      We can always use experienced people if you like to join us too…

      • Lay Greenman says:

        Unfortunately travelling has become difficult these days youthful in mind but old in body
        the match against Yizrael might be tough ,they have the advantage of living only 200 metres from their rugby ground,but you never know until the final whistle..
        My translation into Afrikaans of the “The Wild Boars” is “Die wilde Boere”
        Veels geluk Kerels,good luck for Friday

  2. ziv says:

    It’s nice to know we have people reading our forum that I never met. I feel so popular.

    • Nir says:

      זיו, סופסוף גם אתה פופולרי במשפחה ולא רק… אתה יודע מי…

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