Game VS Roosters 24.12.11

Hi all.

We have the most important game of the season tomorrow. Please fill in the form below so we’ll know who’s coming.

Game Starts at 12:00 in Tivon. Warmup at 11:00.
We need help setting up the field. Contact me if you can help. If your’e coming to help, be there at 10:30

And if you need some more motiviation, here’s something i dug up from the team’s archives. Brought to you by “the punisher productions”:


Game vs Roosters form

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2 Responses to Game VS Roosters 24.12.11

  1. Nir says:

    Showing up at 10:45 to get dressed…

    Take a look at the pictures from the party here:

    on facebook. They will also be available on the site later on….

    If you are not a friend of the team in facebook so send/respond the request!!!! (Eyal Koren!!!!!)

  2. Ido Barnoam says:

    Eyal,ziv and Gilbert are picking up.

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