Practice Today + Education

19:45, Tivon, we start running.

See the video below for some clarifications on the rules of competition on the breakdown:

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9 Responses to Practice Today + Education

  1. Nir says:

    Great clip!!!

    Another great example of the welsh schooling the english!!!
    And the dirty frog-eaters cheatting in the 2007 world cup!!!!

  2. Nir says:

    Since I missed last practice (damn job!) and the upcoming game Vs. the stincking roosters we got on Sat. I am skipping school today…

    Rides from the train are available to everyone…

  3. some of the girls need a ride from technion/ ziv,
    Iris 0528310442

  4. שוני says:

    צריך הסעה מלב המפרץ או הסביבה.

  5. omri says:

    omri. technion. call 0503203337 or leave a massege her. thanks!

  6. Ido Barnoam says:


    The Tivon council has asked us to park on the parking lot that belongs to the field and not the one we usually park in.
    The parking lot is the one that is located AFTER the coffee place. To go there make a left AFTER the coffee shop “hipooshit ba-cafe” and not before.
    There’s enough place for everyone and that way Elli wouldn’t have to run over people when he leaves.

  7. omri says:

    מישהוא עובר בטכניון????

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