party stuff and more

Hi, some stuff to know:

1.the party will be held at the Junta, the Technion pub on this Thursday the 22nd starting 20:30. The pub is on the third floor of the technion’s student house (see attached picture for the student house location) Dont forget to bring 50 shekels per person in cash! people who want to approve their car should send me the car number by today.


2. Next practice (on monday) will be held on the grassy Tivon pitch. It will start on 19:30 and not as usual, so be there.

3. people who want to purchase the opro shields should contact jacques and give him the details of the shield. (if you want see which models are offered just search for opro shields on Google)

good game today!

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One Response to party stuff and more

  1. Ilan Bermeister says:

    Sorry guys I know I said I’ll be there but just realised that I’m supposed to take my dad and sister to the airport. See you tomorrow, Ilan

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