Hi all,

We ask all players to show up to tomorrow’s practice. Including injured, tired and very busy players. It is our last practice in Kiryat Bialik.

Injured players may come only to the last half an hour of the practice – 21:00, please don’t be late.

Please approve your attendance here in a comment or via mail to barornir@gmail.com
If someone has something very serious and thinks he cannot come – call me at 0549149109 (comments and mails are for approval, unattendance by phone only)

After practice we go, as usual, to the pub.

Once again, I remind you of the Hanuka party – make an effort to come and fill the form: link

See you all Wednesday,

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7 Responses to !!!IMPORTANT!!!

  1. ellibag says:


  2. Nitai says:

    I’ll be there

  3. Simon Filson says:

    Look forward to it as always

  4. nitzan says:


  5. ellibag says:

    let me know if you need a ride – leaving MATAM at 18:45

  6. Nitai says:

    Call me (still can’t read SMS) if you need a ride

    leaving technion gate around 7:10

    Nitai – 0547560161

  7. Jack says:


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